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Plumbing Repair And Replacement

~Water heater replacement and service


~Full Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel

~Leak Detection and Repair

~Disposal/Dishwasher/Fridge Hook Ups

~Drain Cleaning

Licensed Residential Plumbing

Where did the name come from?

When I started plumbing many years ago (15+), I had to do a lot of climbing around under people's houses. Some are large crawl spaces and some are very hard to navigate. I would bring all the fitting and tools I would need, but some how I would leave an important piece to complete the job in my van. So I came up with an idea of buying a monkey and training him/her to retrieve any parts needed that I had forgotten to bring under the house. I figured a monkey(plumbing monkey) could navigate the tight spaces in a crawl space much better than I ever could. Anyway, I never ended up buying and training a monkey, so I decided to name the company "The Plumbing Monkey"   instead.


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